A group of students walking together.

Take Action to Improve Youth Justice

Taking action is critical to assuring conditions for youth justice. Implementing the action plan through a collaborative process engages and empowers communities as key actors. Consistent with the action plan, this joint work may involve advocating for or implementing programs and policies that address priority issues and goals.

  1. Secure resources and assets necessary to implement the action plan (e.g. people, money, physical space and materials, knowledge and skills, technologies).
  2. Provide technical support to implement the action plan to fit the local culture and context.
  3. Build knowledge, skills, and capacity of those involved to successfully implement the action plan (e.g., offering training, technical assistance, enhanced access to technology).
  4. Implement strategies and interventions as outlined in the action plan.
  5. Support policy development to bring about changes identified in the action plan. This may require engaging in advocacy for program, policy and/or practice change related to goals in the community or environment.
  6. Hold regular meetings or check-ins to oversee how the action plan is being carried out and make changes as needed.
  7. Mobilize and support ongoing collaborative action and advocacy across sectors to bring about programs and policies to address the priority issue and goal(s).